Monday, July 18, 2016

2016 AIC Affiliate Meeting



Our Affiliate meeting on Tuesday September 27th during the AIC conference will be held at the Botanical Gardens across the street from the Hilton.  We will have Michelle Gladieux, a Professional Development & Executive Coach discuss:

Leadership Skills for Auditors:  Healthy Coping, Coaching & Conflict

We reap personal and professional benefits when we pay attention to the energy and strategy involved in workplace communication.

This seminar highlights three facets of healthy communication with colleagues:  coping with stress and change, acting as a coach to help others grow, and managing conflict successfully.

We'll learn about emotional intelligence and human personality differences. We'll consider how our thoughts, words and actions can help us navigate change with less stress.

Finally, we'll find new ways to tactfully communicate when disagreement occurs, as it does daily in every company and family.

Each auditor will have the opportunity to choose a behavior change goal to increase their credibility as communicators.

More at and Coach's Corner articles at

We have the Botanical Room from 8am-3pm (even though we only need it from 8-1pm.) so we can enjoy more of the Botanical Gardens. Everyone meet over there at 8am for a light breakfast, then we will have our presentation and have lunch afterward.  So our entire meeting will be at the Botanical Gardens. 

Looking forward to making this a great learning experience for our County Auditors!

 Gayle Pennington, Association President

Tera Klutz, Association President Elect