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The Indiana Auditors' Association appreciates the support of its associate members. Associate members provide varying levels of support ranging from our flagship Platinum members to Silver, Bronze and Copper members.

Platinum Members
Silver Members
Bronze Members
Copper Members

If you are interesting in becoming an associate member of the Indiana Auditors' Association, you can can download the 2016 Associate Member form.


Platinum members of the association include:

H.J. Umbaugh & Associates

Harris Computer Corporation

39 Degrees North
Boyce Systems, a family owned business founded in 1899, specializes in the development, production and supply of forms and integrated systems, plus data preservation and restoration. Boyce unifies information management with leading edge technology, producing high performance solutions.Komputrol Software, a division of Boyce Systems, is a leader in financial accounting software as well as automated payroll time and attendance systems, online pay stubs, tax bill print-to-mail solutions. Our products and services enhance productivity, save time and money and reduce paper use.

Mailing Address
PO Box 1937
Bloomington, IN 47402

Physical Location:
908 N. Walnut St.
Bloomington, IN 47401

Randal Smith Account Manager Randal Smith (855) 360-8118
Josh Overton Corporate Development Josh Overton (812) 257-8000

Founded in December 2004 39 Degrees North, LLC is an Indiana Based Company specializing in software development principally the design an implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In particular we provide system architecture and geo-database design of custom Mobile and Internet Mapping applications, data creation and migration services. We also provide consulting, expert analysis, and other specialized services based on our customers unique requirements.

Call us toll free at: (855) GIS-3939

Kosmos Services LLC
Bill Borne – Owner
3858 N 600 W
Decatur IN 46733
Home Phone 260-565-3460
Cell 260-517-3368
Feel free to call or email Bill Borne

Kosmos Services LLC was started in January of 2013 by Bill Borne after being term limited out of the Auditor of Adams County position. During Bills 8 years in the Adams County Auditor’s Office he was awarded numerous awards for his service to the Citizens of Adams County and the State of Indiana. He was awarded the Auditor of the year in 2008 and 2010, Named President of the State Auditor’s Association in 2010, Secretary of the State Auditor’s Association in 2007, 2nd Vice President in 2008, First Vice President in 2009. Outstanding Supporting Auditor of the year by the Indiana County Commissioners Association in 2009. Prior to entering the Auditor’s Office Bill was a member of the Adams Central School Board serving as president several years and serving on the Indiana State School Board Associations legislative Committee. Previous leadership positions in Adams County and the State of Indiana include past State President of the Purdue Council on Agricultural Research Extension and Teaching, past President of the Adams Central Youth Leagues and past President of the Adams Central Scholarship Foundation. While serving as the Auditor of Adams County Bill served on the Association of Indiana Counties Legislative and Executive Boards and has testified a number of times on legislation in front of the Indiana Legislature.
Bill started up Kosmos Services LLC to continue his philosophy to serve taxpayer’s of Indiana and one part of the business is doing just that. Working with Counties and Municipalities to research and provide cost effective methods of providing for citizens with the final goal being to eliminate the need, in the County of Municipality, for the services of Kosmos Services. Bill has started working with several counties to provide a cost effective efficient tax sale service.

Thompson Reuters
510 E Milham Ave.
Portage MI 49002
Pam West
Phone number (269)388-2502

L.L.Low Associates
210 N Ironwood Dr
South Bend, IN 46615
Low Associates , a family owned and operated computer software company, started in 1975, serves the Auditor and Treasurer offices with a Windows Payroll/Financial and (Indiana Certified) Property Tax Management system. We are a rapidly growing, Indiana only company, currently serving 33 counties in the state. Touting customer driven software and the best support in the state, Low Associates is the best choice for your Payroll/Financial and Property Tax needs.
Please visit our website at
Feel free to contact Andrew Low

Boyce Co, Inc./ Komputrol
9401 Inovation Drive Suite 400
Daleville, IN 47334-0669
Feel Free to Contact Pam Brown

SRI, Inc.
8082 Bash Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250
For over twenty years, SRI has assisted Indiana counties with tax sale administration. This experience has earned SRI a reputation of being the “tax sale experts”. SRI’s natural growth has been into commissioners’ and sheriffs’ sales and SRI continues its commitment to find ways to partner with counties, by using technology and entrepreneurial ideas to allow county auditors to more efficiently serve their citizens. It has been SRI’s extreme pleasure to work with Indiana’s Auditors through this association and it looks forward to many more years of service to you.
Visit us:
Call or email Joe Edwards

429 N. Pennsylvania Street, Suite 301
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Feel Free to Contact John Mallers
Phone: 800-618-7364

For more than 35 years, Maximus has provided complete financial consulting to Indiana Counties. Maximus is the national leader in the preparation of cost allocation plans for Title IV-D reimbursement and is the only Title IV-D vendor endorsed by the Association of Indiana Counties. In addition, our Indiana based consultants, which include a CPA, a former county auditor, and a former DLGF director, provide auditor training and financial consulting including budget and settlement assistance. Maximus also provides Homestead Verification Assistance. Our deduction auditing service reviews your current county data for all types of suspicious properties by comparing it against current filings, filings in other counties and other states, and other key data sources. We also utilize state-level data sources to effectively identify potential ineligible recipients. Once we clear the list through the county, we handle the entire process of noticing and billing of property owners.


Silver members of the association include:

11367 W 275 N
Thorntown, IN 46071
Cynthia Goodnight

Tax Management Associates
6081 E 82nd Street STE 130
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Larry Brandon

Dossett Consulting LLC
Jeff Dossett Owner
7411 Oceanline Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46214
Jeff Dossett
Fax- 888-597-0368

Nationwide Insurance

Software Solutions


Bronze level members of the association include:

Workplace Benefits of Indiana
WTH Technology


Copper level members of the association include:

MALCON/ Malinowski Consulting Services
Commercial Office Products
GFC Consultants LLC
Governmental Consulting Services