Thursday, April 13, 2017

Auditors' Spring, 2017 Conference

Ready for Spring Conference! Here are the officers of the Indiana Auditors' Association, after a conference planning meeting Monday. In back (left to right) Past-President Gayle Pennington, President-Elect Pauline Graff, Treasurer Julie Fox; (kneeling in back) Secretary Vicki Urbanik, and (kneeling in front) Vice-President Patty Ball.

Spring Conference Is Here!

Our conference kicks off on Tuesday, May 23 at Crowne Plaza Union Station, 123 W. Louisiana St., Indianapolis, IN.

For the draft agenda, click on the following: Spring 2017 Draft Agenda.

For the State Board of Accounts' call letter, click on the following: SBOA Call Letter to Auditors

This year's conference is being planned by the newly elected Association officers, led by President-Elect Pauline Graff of Elkhart County. Once again, a very informative and fun week is planned. Our new 2017 Auditor Association Directory will also be ready for distribution.

The conference begins with an educational session which is being planned by Education Chair and Association Vice-President Patty Ball of Daviess County. The agenda includes a presentation on the use of websites as a research tool and a panel discussion on topics including audits, deeds, splits, tax abatements, CVET and FIT distributions, and veterans deductions. For the education session agenda, click here.

The conference will continue with Wednesday and Thursday sessions. The evening entertainment begins with a Euchre Tournament on Tuesday night. The conference will conclude with a Q & A on Friday morning and the Auditor Association meeting.

Reminder: The Association requests that county auditors wear their auditor badges to the conference in order to minimize the costs associated with the temporary badges. If you do not have a badge, you may download the order form, located to the right on this page. You may also email Roger Bainbridge at: Roger's email.

Auditor Photo Gallery

From Fall, 2016 Conference:

County Auditors playing Family Feud Trivia

At the Indiana Public Finance Leadership Summit sponsored by Umbaugh, March, 2017:

Barb Hackman, Bartholomew County; Vicki Urbanik, Porter County; Patty Ball, Daviess County

From Spring, 2016 Conference:

Bumper Cars
Riding the Bull

More Bumper Cars

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