Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Newly Elected Officials training Dec. 9-11

To all newly elected and re-elected county auditors, congratulations on your win and your commitment to public service!

This week, the Association of Indiana Counties is hosting its annual Newly Elected Officers training. As part of the NEO conference, the  Indiana County Auditors' Association will host our own affiliate meeting on Dec. 10. Our affiliate meeting will be live-streamed at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

Below is the agenda for our Affiliate meeting:

I. Welcome to the County Auditor's Office!

  A. Introduction of Officers
  B. About the Auditors' Association
     1. Mission statement
     2. Organizational structure: Members, Officers, District Chairs, Committees
     3. Website
     4. Events: Regional district meetings, SBOA quadrant meetings, North-South meetings, fall conference
     5. Other events/affiliate meetings: Includes AIC NEO, AIC annual conference

 II. Presentations: Preparing for Your First Few Months as County Auditor

  A. Important Necessities
  B. Important Recurring Items
  C. Annual Financial Report
  D. Ws/1099s/1095Cs
  E. 100R
  F. Tax Abstract

III. Questions & Answers

IV. Closing Comments
Auditors who registered for our Affiliate meeting on or prior to Dec. 9 were emailed a link to join the session. That link is:  https://youtu.be/TrRm4BW2irk

Below is the full agenda for the AIC's NEO:

Wednesday, December 9 - General Training (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.)
9:00 A.M.   Welcome
                         Mr. Paul Joyce, CPA, State Examiner
                                State Board of Accounts
9:15 A.M.   The Honorable Tera Klutz
                         Auditor of State
9:30 A.M.   Opening the Office Day 1
                           Ms. Lori Rogers, CPA, Director of County Services
                           Ms. Ricci Hofherr, Director of County Services
                                 State Board of Accounts
10:30 A.M.   Mr. Wes Bennett, Commissioner
                           Department of Local Government Finance

Thursday, December 10 - General Training (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.)
9:00 A.M.   Open Door Law
                         Mr. Luke Britt, Public Access Counselor
                                Office of the Public Access Counselor
                         Ms. Karen Arland, Attorney
                                Kennedy, Downs & Arland, PC

10:00 A.M   Legal and Ethical
                        Mr. John Gregg, Attorney
                                Ice Miller

1 P.M.          Indiana County Auditors' Association Affiliate Training

Friday, December 11 -General Training (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
9:00 A.M.   The Basics of County Budgeting & Revenue Streams
                         Ms. Jacque Clements, Director of Planning and Professional Development
                                 Association of Indiana Counties
10:00 A.M.   Public Purchasing – Indiana Laws and Best Practices
                         Mr. John Hughes and Mr. Steve Unger
                                 Bose McKinney and Evans LLP

11:00 A.M. LUNCH

1:00 P.M.   Human Resources – You Won the Election
                         Mr. Frank Pinson
                                 Bliss McKnight
                         Ms. Libby Roberts, Attorney
                                 Church Church Hittle & Atrim
2:00 P.M.   Cybersecurity
                         Stephen Reynolds, Partner
                                  Ice Miller
                         Tiffany Kim, Associate
                                  Ice Miller

2023 Fall Conference Highlights