Thursday, November 9, 2023

2023 Fall Indiana County Auditors' Association Conference

Wow, what a great 2023 Fall Conference. At the beautiful Crowne Plaza Hotel too! State Board of Accounts had our agenda packed full and what a great agenda it was. So many beneficial topics as well as newer topics too!

Below you will find all the videos for each presentation as well as links to the Power Point Presentations. The Power Points are located on the State Board of Accounts website as well. 

A BIG Thank You to the Association of Indiana Counties as well for being with us all week and recording these great presentations. 

October 25, 2023


October 26, 2023


October 27, 2023

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Association of Indiana Counties Outstanding County Auditor 

Christina Sriver, Fulton County Auditor, was named the Association of Indiana Counties Outstand Auditor of the Year for 2023. Thank you Christina for all the work you put into this position day in and day out. 

Indiana Auditors' Association Affiliate Meeting 

The 2023 AIC Conference was a huge success. Thank you to all those members of AIC who put together a fantastic conference with over 920 individuals attending! The Auditors' Association Break Out session on Tuesday was jammed packed with information for our fellow Auditors. 

Zach Hughes an Julie Fox from SRI provided some great information on the entire process of tax sales and overcoming obstacles. 

We also had great discussions with Rhonda Cook, Esq. from LegisGroup Public Affairs, LLC and the Auditors' Legislative Initiatives. 

1)  Additional pay: similar to the assessor’s certification and proposed clerk/election board pay. This could be for any one of the many duties (to piggy-back off the Auditor of State perhaps for Comptroller), or for an educational purpose that could be tracked by DLGF. We are open to ideas on this.

2) Auditors having access to an attorney (prior to the threat of lawsuit). I believe AIC also has this on their platform for all the elected officials.

3) Veteran’s deduction: verification the first time they apply and drop the threshold entirely. Once they receive it they should not lose it, no future verification should be required.

4) Retaining the ability to sign contracts; we are adamantly against Commissioners having executive authority.

5) Address the required advertisement requirement for additional appropriations – use of Gateway versus newspaper publication.  

Friday, September 29, 2023

2023 Fall Conference Information  

It is that time again! The Indiana Auditors’ Association Fall Conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Downtown Station, 123 W. Louisiana St., Indianapolis, IN 46225 on October 24th through October 27th, 2023.

In conjunction with our summer conference, the AIC will be hosting their Institute for Excellence Legal and Ethical on Tuesday, October 24, 2023 from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm EST.   This is a separate fee of $65.00 should you wish to attend. The remainder of the time, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the State Board of Accounts will have a jammed packed agenda. The State Board of Accounts will be sending out a call letter soon in regards to the conference and what will be on their agenda.

Registration for this conference is here:

Hotel Reservations can be made here: Indiana County Auditors Assoc.

Vendor Dinner Nights will be Tuesday and Wednesday and the Association will have a Banquet on Thursday night at the hotel. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided Wednesday and Thursday as well as Breakfast on Friday. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to any of your association board members.



Wednesday, August 9, 2023

2023 Summer Auditors' Conference Video Presentations

2023 Summer Auditors' Conference Video Presentations 

Budget Preparation Strategies

by: Paige E. Sansone, CPA

Barkertilly Municipal Advisors

Insurance Risk Assessment 

by: Brian Brees

WalkerHughes Insurance

Indiana Archives and Records Administration 

by: Amy Christiansen

Indiana Archives and Records Administration

Indiana Public Access 

by: Luke Britt

Indiana Public Access Counselor

County Auditors and Benefits

by: Bill Sylvester

Apex Benefits

2023 AIC Session Wrapup

by: Ryan Hoff

Association of Indiana Counties

Human Resources 

by: Scott Lage

Bliss McKnight

Jail Construction

by: Oscar Gutierrez

Bondry Consulting

2023 Indiana Auditors' Summer Conference

What a GREAT turnout we had at the 2023 Indiana Auditors' Summer Conference. Thank you to all who attended! 

As a reminder the Fall Conference will be held at the Crown Royal Plaza in Indianapolis on October 24 - 27th, 2023. Information will be going out very soon! 

2023 Fall Conference Highlights