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The Indiana Auditors' Association appreciates the support of our associate members. Associate members provide varying levels of support ranging from our flagship Platinum members to Silver, Bronze and Copper members.

Platinum Members
Silver Members
Bronze Members
Copper Members
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Our 2023 Vendor Members are as follows:


APEX Benefits Group
9400 Priority Way West Dr.
Indianapolis, IN  46240
Contact: Shawna Schwegman
2023 Paid Member 

Dossett Consulting LLC 
Jeff Dossett Owner
9775 Crosspoint Blvd., Ste. 117
Indianapolis, IN 46224
Jeff Dossett
Phone 800-367-1598
2023 Paid Member 

L.L. Low Associates
210 N Ironwood Dr.
South Bend, IN 46615

Low Associates, a family owned and operated computer software company that started in 1975, serves the Auditor and Treasurer offices with a Windows Payroll/Financial and (Indiana Certified) Property Tax Management system. We are a rapidly growing, Indiana only company. Touting customer driven software and the best support in the state, Low Associates is the best choice for your Payroll/Financial and Property Tax needs.
Please visit our website at
(574) 234-7240

429 N. Pennsylvania #301
Indianapolis, IN  
Contact: Deb Adams

XSoft, Inc.
21691 Anchor Bay Dr.
Noblesville, IN 46062

XSoft is an Indiana corporation focusing its resources on property tax software (CAMA, Tax and Billing) design/development and consulting services, including making support of our products a priority. XSoft is made up of employees who have worked in State and Local government, from local tax offices to state oversight agencies; we understand the complexities that you are faced with on a daily basis. Our property tax software products are all inclusive packages providing tools for assessor, auditor and treasurer offices to produce fair and equitable assessments along with on-time tax bills.  Our products allow local officials to manage their offices with a tremendous amount of efficiency.

Contact: Brian Bucher, Scott Stephens, Ryan Keuneke


SRI, Inc.
8082 Bash Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250

For over twenty years, SRI has assisted Indiana counties with tax sale administration. This experience has earned SRI a reputation of being the “tax sale experts”. SRI’s natural growth has been into commissioners’ and sheriffs’ sales and SRI continues its commitment to find ways to partner with counties, by using technology and entrepreneurial ideas to allow county auditors to more efficiently serve their citizens. It has been SRI’s extreme pleasure to work with Indiana’s Auditors through this association and it looks forward to many more years of service to you.

Visit us:
(317) 863-6827
2023 Paid Member 


AIC/Bliss McKnight Risk Management
2801 East Empire
Bloomington, IL 61704
Contact: Frank Pinson
2023 Paid Member

Buchanan & Bruggenschmidt, PC
80 E. Cedar Street
Zionsville, IN 46077
Contact: Alex Bruggenschmidt 
2023 Paid Member

Aumentum Technologies
510 E. Milham Ave.
Portage, MI  49002
Contact: Tim Lacy
Phone: (317) 409-4863

Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors
8365 Keystone Crossing, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: (317) 465-1500
Contact: Jason Semler 

Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors, LLC (BTMA) is one of the largest municipal advisory practices in the U.S. with more than 90 registered Municipal Advisors. Our dedicated team of Value ArchitectsTM works with public sector entities to help improve operations and resolve financial issues to enhance the quality of life for communities. BTMA specializes in serving cities, towns, villages, municipalities, townships, counties, authorities, utilities, public schools and libraries, as well as economic development organizations, higher education institutions, not-for-profits, healthcare entities and power and water districts, often partnering with our parent entity, Baker Tilly US, LLP, a certified public accounting firm, to solve problems, create opportunities and meet our clients’ accounting, capital planning and public finance needs. 
2023 Paid Member

BIS Digital
1350 NE 56th Suite 3000
Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33334
Contact: Sophia Altamar

Boyce Systems
9401 Inovation Drive Suite 400
Daleville, IN 47334-0669
Contact: Pam Brown

Boyce Systems, a family owned business founded in 1899, specializes in the development, production and supply of forms and integrated systems, plus data preservation and restoration. Boyce unifies information management with leading edge technology, producing high performance solutions. Komputrol Software, a division of Boyce Systems, is a leader in financial accounting software as well as automated payroll time and attendance systems, online pay stubs, tax bill print-to-mail solutions. Our products and services enhance productivity, save time and money and reduce paper use.

127 W. Main St., Suite 500
Lebanon IN 46052
Contact: Phillip Morrison

Efficiency, accuracy, security, and ease. As the County Auditor, you need software and a support team that prioritizes the importance of your work and makes it easier for you to get the job done. Government Utilities Technology Service or GUTS offers a range of services and software to Indiana County Auditors to do just that. We have been using technology to create innovative solutions for Indiana Counties for more than 30 years, drawing on the expertise of our subject matter experts — former Auditors, Treasurers, and Assessors. GUTS manages 3.2 million parcels annually, giving Indiana Auditors, Assessors, and Treasurers an integrated suite of efficient, cloud-based, intuitive CAMA and Tax & Billing tools certified by the DLGF, allowing your team to work anywhere with one set of data. We are backed by our experienced and prompt customer support team.

Our solutions include:

PVDNet: Cloud-based, hyper-secure, and integrated CAMA software

Ditch Maintenance & Reconstruction: Calculate charges by individual ditch, integrated with PVDNet

Tax Sales: Conduct your county’s tax sales from parcel management to online listing to final sale compliantly and efficiently through GUTS

Managed IT Services: Lower your IT costs and improve your efficiency and security with GUTS Managed IT Services, offering full control and visibility at Levels 1-3.

Right Stuff Software
700 Stonehenge Parkway Unit A
Dublin, OH 43017
Contact: Renee Shaul

Right Stuff Software provides a customized scheduling and timekeeping system specifically designed for municipalities. Our software manages all timekeeping and scheduling data electronically based on the rules of your agency.  Once the timesheet data has been approved it can be imported into your existing payroll system.  We support the auto-generation of the Indiana Employee Service Record report for employees and Payroll Vouchers, saving you time.  We are dedicated to providing consulting and guidance through the implementation process as well as continual support after implementation.  The flexibility and configuration options included with our system make it an excellent fit for Indiana counties as it ensures that the needs of all departments will be met.  

2023 Paid Member

Schneider Geospatial
8901 Otis Ave. Suite 300
Indianapolis IN 46216
Contact: Tim Lacy

Since 1989, Schneider Geospatial has been providing creative geospatial and GovTech solutions that change the nature of how people interact with government, improving service while lowering costs. Schneider Geospatial is a leader in providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions to hundreds of municipal, county, state, federal, and private entities. Serving over 20% of the counties in the U.S., Schneider Geospatial is one of the largest GovTech providers with industry-leading solutions such as Beacon (local government information for the web), GeoPermits (cloud-based permitting and workflow management), and Agland (which automates the process of calculating assessments for agricultural land). Schneider Geospatial is recognized nationally for its award-winning work. 

2023 Paid Member

Tax Management Associates (TMA)
5121 Parkway Plaza Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28217
Contact: Vicky Haire
2023 Paid Member

320 W. Ohio Street, Ste 3W
Chicago, IL  60654
Contact: Tyler Masterson


Information & Records Associates (IRA)/SBS Portals
908 E. Wayne St.
South Bend, IN  46617
Contact: Mike Dincolo

For over 35 years, IRA has been helping County Auditors utilize best practices:
Scanning: Documents, large books and film (Transfer Cards, Transfer Books, Homestead Applications, Veteran Deduction Logs, Plats, Minutes)
Electronic Records Management: Read-to-Use, Low-Cost digital file cabinets to help store, access and manage your department records.
PayPerDoc: Generate Revenue. Publish and provide online access to your records.
Digital AP Claims: Electronic receipt, processing, storing/archiving.
Digital Deduction Form Processing: Electronic receipt, processing, storing/archiving (online, kiosk, phone, walk-in)
Agendas and Minutes Solution: Easily create, electronically route, quickly store, instantly publish, full text search.

2023 Paid Member

MALCON--Malinowski Consulting, Inc.
755 W. Carmel Drive Suite 203
Carmel, IN  46032
Contact: Barbara Malinowski

Software Solutions 
8534 Yankee St. Suite 2B
Dayton, Ohio 45036
Contact: Kevin Nye

Software Solutions builds accounting, payroll, and utility banking software, both in the cloud or on-premise. Our long-standing partnership with the ICAA helps make it easy for Indiana county auditors to effectively manage public funds, make decisions with real-time data, and invest in the future with modern technology. From software to consulting, we have everything county auditors need to help them successfully manage the financials of their communities.

2023 Paid Member

Waggoner, Irwin, Scheele
118 S. Franklin St.
Muncie, IN  47305
R. Kent Irwin

WTH Technology Inc.
3665 Washington Blvd.
Indianapolis IN  46205
Contact: Ann Jochim
2023 Paid Member


Arca Search LLC
22517 178th Ave. Suite D
Cold Spring, MN 56320
Contact: Steve Fiers

Data Systems Management
4325 Regatta Drive
Lafayette, IN  47909
Contact: Annette Walker

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