Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Indiana Auditors' Association Affiliate Meeting 

The 2023 AIC Conference was a huge success. Thank you to all those members of AIC who put together a fantastic conference with over 920 individuals attending! The Auditors' Association Break Out session on Tuesday was jammed packed with information for our fellow Auditors. 

Zach Hughes an Julie Fox from SRI provided some great information on the entire process of tax sales and overcoming obstacles. 

We also had great discussions with Rhonda Cook, Esq. from LegisGroup Public Affairs, LLC and the Auditors' Legislative Initiatives. 

1)  Additional pay: similar to the assessor’s certification and proposed clerk/election board pay. This could be for any one of the many duties (to piggy-back off the Auditor of State perhaps for Comptroller), or for an educational purpose that could be tracked by DLGF. We are open to ideas on this.

2) Auditors having access to an attorney (prior to the threat of lawsuit). I believe AIC also has this on their platform for all the elected officials.

3) Veteran’s deduction: verification the first time they apply and drop the threshold entirely. Once they receive it they should not lose it, no future verification should be required.

4) Retaining the ability to sign contracts; we are adamantly against Commissioners having executive authority.

5) Address the required advertisement requirement for additional appropriations – use of Gateway versus newspaper publication.  

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