Sunday, October 24, 2021

County Auditors Convene Fall, 2021 Conference

County auditors and staff from throughout Indiana gathered at the Sheraton Indianapolis at Keystone Crossing Oct. 19-22 for our annual State Board of Accounts-called fall conference. 

The week was a busy one, full of valuable training, networking and Indiana County Auditors' Association activities. In all, more than 200 people attended in person, with a virtual option also available.

 Throughout conference, auditors were honored for their contributions to the Auditors' Association. Other Association activities included an "Auditor Matching Game," an Auditor Game Night, and a farm-themed dinner dance, costume contest, and history trivia game.

The week culminated in the Auditor Association's annual fall business meeting with the election of  our 2022 officers and general membership ratification of our 2022 Legislative Platform.

More details are below, broken down into the following segments: I. Welcome; II. Find Your Match; III. Training; IV. Game Night; V. Dinner-Dance; VI. Honors; and VII. Q & A and Business Meeting.

We hope you all found this year's conference fulfilling and valuable. We also hope you enjoy reflecting on the week's events through the photo gallery below!

I. Welcome!

Ready for Registration! ICAA Officers working the registration table (left to right): Debbie Stevens, Christina Sriver, Rachel Oesterreich, and Jennifer Flater.

Our conference program. To view a PDF version, click here: 2021 Program

County auditors in attendance received a "County Auditors Make it Happen!" mug.

ICAA officers with AOS (left to right): Association President Vicki Urbanik, Vice-President Debbie Stevens, Auditor of State Tera Klutz, Secretary Rachel Oesterreich, Treasurer Christina Sriver, and President-Elect Jennifer Flater.

The conference opening session on Wednesday, Oct. 20.

Deputy State Examiner Tammy White addresses the group during introductory remarks. Shown at left are ICAA President Vicki Urbanik, and at right is Deputy State Examiner Mike Bozymski.

II. Find Your Match!

One of the Auditor Association activities at conference was a matching game. Registrants received a number and were encouraged to try to find their match. Not only did the winners get a treat, but they also got to meet another auditor or deputy whom they possibly didn't know before!

III. Training

Training sessions at conference included financial reporting updates, data security, ARPA and CARES Act reporting, public records retention, public corruption, assessments, and abatement reporting. 

For the training handouts, visit the State Board of Accounts website (under "Presentations and Training Materials") or click here: SBOA training handouts.

Videos of the conference training sessions will be posted on this website as soon as they are ready (under the "Videos" tab).

Lori Rogers, Director of County Services, SBOA

Ricci Hofherr, Director of County Services, SBOA

State Examiner Paul Joyce

IV. Game Night

The Auditor Association-sponsored Wednesday activity was Game Night, which included Auditor Bingo and Jeopardy. In the Jeopardy game, auditors were quizzed on topics including Indiana State Trivia, Name that County Auditor, Our Deadlines, and State Officials.

V. Dinner Dance

The Auditors' Association hosted a farm-themed dinner dance and costume contest for our Thursday activity. The event included a trivia game featuring four people and places that have played a role in Indiana's agricultural history.

VI. Honors

During conference, certificates of appreciation were given to auditors for their contribution to the Auditors' Association. These included the Association's 2021 District Vice-Presidents, the Education Committee and the Legislative Committee.

In addition, Presidential Awards were given to auditors for exemplary service. Past-President Julie Fox presented her presidential award to White County Auditor Gayle Rogers. President Vicki Urbanik presented the 2021 Presidential Award to Daviess County Auditor Patty Ball.

District VPs Homored: (from left to right) EC District VP Robin Mills of Hamilton County, WC District VP Jennifer Andel of Montgomery County, ICAA President Vicki Urbanik, NE District VP Kim Meyers of Steuben County, and  SE District VP Amy Hochstrasser of Ohio County Not shown are NW District VP Gayle Rogers of White County and SW District VP Pam Goffinet of Perry County.

Honored for their work with the Education Committee were (left to right) Orange County Auditor Lonnie Stroud, DeKalb County Auditor Jan Bauman, Clinton County Auditor Britt Ostler, Benton County Auditor Audrey Freeland, Decatur County Auditor Janet Chadwell, Warrick County Auditor Debbie Stevens, and ICAA President Vicki Urbanik. Not shown is Johnson County Auditor Pam Burton.

Legislative Committee members were honored for their work this year, which included tracking legislation and drafting a 2022 Legislative Platform. Shown left to right are Marshall County Auditor Julie Box, Tippecanoe County Auditor Bob Plantenga, Hendricks County Auditor Nancy Marsh, Clay County Auditor Jennifer Flater, Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik, Miami County Auditor Mary Brown, and Madison County Auditor Rick Gardner. Not shown are Allen County Auditor Nick Jordan, Harrison County Auditor Chad Shireman, and Vanderburgh County Auditor Brian Gerth.

 Presidential Award: ICAA President Vicki Urbanik presented the 2021 Presidential Award to Daviess County Auditor Patty Ball, along with a plaque (shown here) honoring Patty as the 2019 ICAA President.

VII. Friday's Q&A and Business Meeting

Our conference concluded with a SBOA Friday morning Q&A session, followed by our annual fall business meeting.

The business meeting included a general membership ratification of our 2022 Legislative Platform, as well as the election of the 2022 officers as follows:

President: Jennifer Flater
President-Elect: Debbie Stevens
Vice-President: Christina Sriver
Treasurer: Rachel Oesterreich
Secretary: Debra Carnes
Past-President: Vicki Urbanik

NW District VP: Gayle Rogers
NE District VP: Patty Pickens
WC District VP: Jennifer Andel
EC District VP: Greg Townsend
SW District VP: Lonnie Stroud
SE District VP: Julia Reeves

You can watch the entire Friday session now on You Tube with the following link: ICAA Friday Conference 

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